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Taekwondo classes for ages 4 through adult.
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Two convenient locations:
Butler School

We believe that Taekwondo is a sport for everyone! We encourage our students to train to the best of their ability level, helping all students achieve improved fitness, coordination and positive mental attitude. It's never too late to start! Martial arts isn't just for children, adults can enjoy many benefits from training. Whether you are in top shape and looking to add a new twist to your fitness routine, or are out of shape looking to improve your physical fitness, balance & coordination. We offer a variety of class times with a flexible schedule. Classes are arranged by age and ability level. Call to schedule a complimentary class try our new online class scheduling. Classes fill up fast, reserve your spot now!


Great Reasons for Kids to Try Taekwondo 

  1. Improved focus - Taekwondo uses tremendous amounts of focus to learn how to perform techniques, aim for targets and retain balance.

  2. Better grades - Along with improved focus and concentration comes improved performance! Students find it easier to pay attention and be respectful in school. 

  3. More self confidence - Each student progresses at their own rate. Success is measured on how much they improve, not a standard bar. The "I can do it!" attitude improves with each belt.

  4. Improved physical fitness - Classes are packed with fun physical activities that keep kids motivated & moving. 

  5. Self Defense - Students learn better self awareness to avoid dangerous situations and appropriate ways to defend themselves when needed.

  6. Develop the habit of Goal Setting - Goal setting is so important in order to get what you want in life. 

  7. Positive outlet for energy - Children have loads of energy that need to be channeled into positive activities. Taekwondo teaches children how to use that energy to empower themselves, while using self-control to keep extra energy in check. 

  8. Excellent character education program - Character is all the positive traits that make up a person. Taekwondo teaches focus, discipline, respect, loyalty, perseverance, integrity, self esteem & more!

  9. Make new friends in a positive environment - Kids classes are always filled with friendly faces. Although Taekwondo is an individual sport, there are also activities in class where students get to be partners or even be on teams. Students are encouraged to learn how to work independently as well as in a group. 

  10. Great self-control - Students learn to have self-control physically to work together with partners & mentally while working independently. The road to black belt isn't always easy and students are reminded of positive ways to channel their frustration if their path becomes tough! 



Butler School

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